Fortune sides with him who dares.
the most accurate personification of tumblr is probably the grinch

wow this theme is only $50 what a great deal
no one ever

everyone is doing something amazing with their lives and im just sitting here like

making a tumblr was the worst decision of my life.

sums up tumblr pretty well

sums up tumblr pretty well

i express my feelings through other peoples text posts


you think nobody notices that your status was a popular text post on tumblr

but i notice

i always notice


when i die and my life flashes before my eyes all im going to see is my dash

we're lazy here on tumblr.
press J: scroll down a post
press K: scroll up a post
press L: like a post
press ALT+REBLOG: reblog fast
press CTRL and the REBLOG button: open the post you want to reblog, in a new tab
press TAB: scroll to the top of your dashboard,